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Kill 'em all!

Kill 'em all guild was created in january 2010 as semi-hardcore guild focused on small scale rvr in Warhammer online. We are planning to continue this style in Guild Wars 2. With us you will find a friendly and chatty atmosphere, helpful guildies and skilled players.

We are still active in Warhammer online, Wrath of heroes and recently also in Aion. You are welcome to join us in any of these games.
  Ericka: Guys you can find us on
  Ericka: Guys you can find us not on
  Ericka: and hey percy, come gw2 :)
  Ericka: to keep the as our dommain
  Ericka: guys I started to slowly move our forum to it will take a lil time to prepare it totally and also I will need to pay at least few days on it for start
  Ericka: slackers, I am alone here with morg
  Bryan: haha sylvari definately original look, i like it:)
  Fite: sigh im still on the bus home. my eta 1 hour
  Ericka: GW2 up
  shuman: i think thats a great idea ericka .. no more commitments with that huge fail company just a good bye warhammer, all together .. i will be there after 5th august for 14 days
  Helesfir: just 98mb update, just done it :D
  Fite: FYI more files just came up to be downloaded on the patcher
  Ericka: hahaha
  Fite: yeah Bryan youre right :) Im still going to try and squeeze as much time in as I can. so probably friday and saturday afternoon
  Bryan: don't be a fool and be with a girl?:) beta is just a beta anyway
  Ericka: haha.. I cam't imagine what I would need to hear to stay at home when planing for the weekend.. ah yes here it is- It is gw2 beta I am not going anywhere :P
  Fite: But I need nicer words to tell her this XD
  Fite: By the way, I need an excuse for my girlfriend so I can spend this weekend in beta!! she wants to spend the whole weekend together and even trying to organise us to go away. im like fuck that im playing GW2!!!
  Fite: tbh im not going to redownload the entire game :( my internet gets about 100kbps max anyway so would take too long.
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