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By joining Kill 'em all you also agree with those rules so read them carefully

* Be kind, nice and enjoy the game. Don't forget this is not real life.
* No cross realming, cheating, exploiting. If you are going to change your home server or visit other one, give tell to your officers about it.
* No racist or any other kind xenophobic coments in guild chat or region.
* No arguing in guild chat, if you have problem with someone and think you can't solve it in private, talk with officer to help you.
* Listen and follow orders given by officers. When you think they doing something wrong, send pm to them.
* We are using mumble and commands are given there, if you can't use it, contact officer about it.
* We looking for our members to be just in this guild with all chars. If you have any chars in other guilds, contact officer and inform about it.

**basic taken from Warhamer online guild rules. Will be edited when game comes out.
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